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Bheem Singh Chauhan

bheemchauhan1Nick name: Mr. Bheem Chauhan 
Current Trip leader For: White World Expeditions
Position: Operation Manager
Previous experience: Bheem is founder At White World Expeditions after working with several outdoor raft company across India and other country aswell he decided to start his own adventure company with group of professional people in India who is holding national and international certificate as a raft guide/instructor and he has been working as a professional river guide, trip leader, safety kayaker, paraglider for over 14 years He guided in Uganda for season 2012, & Iran for 2014 to 2016 season and he has been rafting across India and guided all major river in India.

He is a pro-active with continue, hardworking, and passionate outdoor enthusiast. Bheem has been with Rescue India since the beginning and is on his way to becoming a Rescue 3 Instructor. He is skinny but extremely multitalented person and best on the field and he always ready to go for any adventure trip either on the land or sky.

The opportunity he got to explore new river for rafting in Iran and started commercial rafting in Iran if you meet him you will find him always happy on his face and he runs the all trip smoothly and adds some more new fun on the river. He is certify Raft guide in International rafting federation (IRF), & WRT, RRC in rescue3 international and trained in First Aid (CPR)

Hometown: Rishikesh UK

Sunil Singh Bhandari

sunil-bhandari1Nick name: Mr. Bhandari
Current work For : White World Expeditions
Position: Marketing Manager/Operation Manager
Previous Experience: Sunil is Co-founder at White World Expeditions He worked as a professional Raft Guide & Safety Kayaker since 2005 he has gained with different -2 adventure games combines 8 precious years and still having same appetite for the Adventure. Go Kayaking!!!

He has been awarded as a youg achiever 2014 from Victoronix and this was new product and lounched on same day he also software engineer in computer IT 

Hometown: Shivpuri, Rishikesh (UK)


Deepak Bhandari

de1Nick name: AKA Deepu
Full name: Deepak Bhandari
Current Guide For: White World Expeditions
Position: Head guide
Previous Experience: Working as a guide with WWE since 2012 and he loves paddling all the time while he is on the Creek River or big volume river. He likes to explore new river. He guided in Iran for one season and explores few new rivers in Iran in season 2014/12015 he is keen safety Kayaker
Hometown: Shipuri (Rishikesh)




Deepak Rawat

akshy1Nick name:  Mr. Deepak Rawat
Current Work: White World Expeditions
Position: Marketing Manager
Previous Experience: Heis an very calm person and master in shooting He is working as a Indian junior team and supporting Shooting coach at Manav Rachana International university Faridabad Haryana Delhi and he played National game in Shooting he work smoothly He is with WWE since 2015 and he loves Adventure trip and decided to join and ready go anywhere for adventure trip.
Hometown: Shivpuri (Rishikesh)




Bhupendra Singh Rana

bhupi1Nick name : aka Bhupi
Position : Marketing Director At White World Expeditions
Previous Experience : Bhupi is India’s first and only rescue instructor certified by Rescue 3 International, USA. Bhupi is well-travelled, a natural leader, pro kayaker, professional river guide, yoga instructor, and a very enthusiastic multi adventure sports lover. He played a huge role in organizing the relief efforts for the Kedarnath flood in Uttarakhand in India 2013. After seeing the devastation that a natural disaster such as a flood could cause to his country, Bhupi knew that he had to do something. This was when Bhupi decided to take his river experience and skills to the next level by becoming a Rescue 3 International instructor. Bhupi uses a hands on teaching style on all of his courses. He has worked as a professional multi activity outdoor instructor around the world for the last 13 years. He is a sponsored team NRS paddler who represents the brand on a variety of levels. A kayaking video starring Bhupi was nominated for the best videographer of the year award in 2013 by Kayak Session. He is also the founder and president of India’s first international kayak competition known as “Ganga Kayak Festival”. Bhupi’s ability to combine all of his experience and knowledge makes him a great instructor. The goal of these courses is to bring awareness and techniques to the river and rope rescue industry in India. Through proper safety techniques, Bhupi hopes to help change the world of rescue and truly make sure that every life matters!

Trina Rana

tinaNick name: Tri
Position: Marketing director USA
Previous Experience: Trina is the marketing director for Rescue India and white World Expeditions. Trina assisted Bhupi with the Kedarnath Relief efforts and realized what a dire need there was in India for proper rescue trainings to take place. The need to help out her family’s country is what made Trina want to be a part of Rescue India. She loves to travel and spend her time exploring different cultures around the world.


Balveer Rana


Nick name: Mr. Balveer Singh
Current For: White World Expeditions
Position: Facility Manager
Experience: He is an experience and responsible person at White World Expeditions He is specialized for athletic He has been working for many years as a hospitality front office manager in hotel industry and he look after all our guests at white world expeditions and coordinate with them smoothly. He is known as by spiritual escort as well.
Home town: Rishikesh Tehri Garwal


Brijmohan Chauhan


Nick name: Mr. Briju
Current For: White World Expeditions
Position: River Guide safety kayaker
Experience: He is an experience Raft Guide and safety kayaker he has been working in the field since 2011 and continue He is a quite person but friendly once he get involved into the activities he is newly employed with White World Expeditions he is super passionate for the adventure and loved white water
Hometown: Mori Uttrakashi (UK)




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