Shivpuri Down Rafting

Rafting WWE Rishikesh, Uttarakhand



Season: 15th Sept - 30th June                                       

Area: Rishikesh (UK) India

Meeting Point: WWE Office                                       

Rafting Distance: 16 Kms (SHIVPURI - NIM Beach)

River: Ganga                                                                     

Grade: III, III+

Rafting Departure: 8:30 AM                                       

Check-out time: 11:30 AM 

Start Point - SHIVPURI                                                  

Finish Point - NIM Beach

Detailed Itinerary:

This rafting stretch usually takes about 2 and half hours to finish. It has about 7 rapids including both small and big ones. Some of the good rapids we run on this stretch are Shivpuri, Return to Sender, Roller-Coaster, Golf Course, T-Off, Club House, Cash Flow, Jail No Bail, Double Trouble.

These all Rapids are good to raft though there are some big waves and hydraulics. It takes about 30 minutes’ drive to the starting point and then about 30 minutes for the preparation, inflating rafts and safety briefing. Once safety briefing is done, we get on the rafts. It is 2 hours fun on the river with some good splashes and big hits (depending upon the volume of the river). We finish our rafting trip before Luxman Jhula Bridge place called NIM Beach its 10 minutes’ drive back to WWE office tour end.

Rafting Tour Information:

Departure Time Everyday 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Season October to June
Drive to Start Point 20 - 30 minutes
Prices 800/- INR per person
Rapids Return to sender, Roller coaster, Tea off, Golf course, Club house, Jail no bail, Double trouble, Hill turn
Tour price Inclusions Transportation, Pro Safety kayaker, Pro raft guide, Body surfing, Swimming, Cliff jumping, Rafting Gear  Helmet, Spray jacket, Life jacket, Paddle) Dry bags
Time Required Dissolution time about 2/3 hours
People Required 4 people required to run the trip
Meeting Place White World Expeditions
Medical Problems not Allowed Heart patient, back bone problem, Asthma, Pregnant, Epileptic (Can not join)
Session Shivpuri  to NIM Beach
Bring Along Flip flop, Strap up sandal, Booties, Shorts, T-shirts, Sun glasses with retainers, Sunscreen, Water bottle, Small Camera optional, long sleeve & Big Smile
Do not Bring Jewellery, Weeding Ring, Big camera, Neck less, Passport, Violet
Drive Back to Office   10 minutes back to office & Tour End


  • • Cotton Clothes are good for summers
  • • This checklist doesn't mean to imply that you will be able to bring everything on the raft with you
  • • After conforming you will received a voucher from us with detail information
  • • We also make your video but it will be chargeable
  • • We provide dry bag on each raft trip for your valuable things
  • • There is a case to change the course depending on the situation of the weather, on the river please understand.
  • • We do not refund the money if you are cancelling your trip at same day.
  • • If you have any other question you can email or call us in advance on the given email id and contact numbers.
  • • For cancellation of the trip. Please read the Cancellation Policy.
  • • To confirm your Trip with us 50% advance payment would be required.

“Enjoy your day with professional people & bring a big smile”

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White World Expeditions, Badrinath
Road, Oposite Sai Ganga Cottage,
First Floor, Tapovan Pin: 249192,
Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India



+91 7579175929
+91 9997094425



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