If you are looking for a comfort Rafting trip with extra safety Kayaker then this is the premium trip we have design for you and your loved one. enjoy our premium Rafting trip in Rishikesh none of company are providing such a kind of trip let us show you an outstanding experience in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The trip is Half day but luxury rafting trip on the “Ganga River” This is best way and safest way to experience White Water Rafting in Rishikesh. We spend about 4 an half hours from start to finish the trip with navigating through Thrilling rapids making up the whole trip fun Between the rushes of the rapids there are long calm pools where we can play games, challenge you with a cliff jump and swim in the sacred Ganges water. This stretch covers most of the Rapids on the Ganges that sums up to Twelve Rapids including Small & Big. Some of the good rapids we run on this stretch are called Hugs & Kisses, Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire, Shivpuri, Return to Sender, Rollercoaster, Golf Course, T-Off, Club House, Cash Flow, Jail No Bail, Double Trouble, etc.

We will take short break on the mid of the river for snacks then continued down the river Rafting Trip ends before LuxmanJhula Bridge place called NIM beach.  It takes 10 minutes’ drive back to WWE office tour end.


Departure Time 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Season Mid-September to 30th June
Drive to Start Point 40 - 50 minutes
Prices INR 4,500/- Per Person
Rapids Hugs &Kisses, Black Money, Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire, Body Surfing, Shivpuri, Return to sender, Roller coaster, Tea off, Golf Course, Club House, Jail No Bail, Double Trouble
Inclusions Luxury Transportation, 2 Safety Kayaker, Veg Snacks, Professional Raft Guide, Body Surfing, Cliff jumping, Rafting Gear ( Helmet, Life jacket, Paddle, Wet Suite, Dry Top) Dry bags, Water Bottle, Picture of the trip, Gift Certificate, Changing tent. Tea & lunch at end of the trip Etc.
Time Required Dissolution time about 4-5 hours
Minimum People Required 4 people required to run the trip
Meeting Place White World Expeditions
Medical Problems not Allowed Heart patient, Back bone problem, Asthma, Pregnant, Epileptic  (Cannot join)
Session Marine Drive to NIM Beach
Bring Along Flip flop, Strap up sandal, Booties, shorts, T-shirts, Sun glasses with retainers, Sunscreen, Water bottle, small water proof camera optional, long sleeve
Do Not Bring Jewellery, Weeding Ring, Big camera, Neck less, Passport, Violet
Drive Back to WWE After rafting trip 10-15 minute drive back to office & Tour End



• Shorts, T-Shirts quick dry
• Full long sleeve to protect your skin from Sun
• P - Cap
• Light towel
• A Pair of Changing clothes at the end
• Wet Suite
• Water Bottle 1liter

• Strap up sandal
• Flip flops
• Tennis Shoes
• Neoprene Booties

• Sun Glasses with retainer
• Sunscreen lotion

• Big camera on the river
• Any Jewellery such as Wedding ring, Neck less etc.
• Passport, Adhaar Card, Driving License etc.
• Any important things which you don’t want to lost

• Life Jacket PFD
• Helmet
• Paddle
• Dry Bag

Bring big Smile



White World Expeditions, Badrinath
Road, Oposite Sai Ganga Cottage,
First Floor, Tapovan Pin: 249192,
Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India



+91 7579175929
+91 9997094425



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