Great Kali River Expedition

River Expeditions WWE Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rafting Checklist

• Bathing Suit or Shorts
• T-shirt or Sandos
• Sun block and Sun Burn Lotion
• Antiseptic Cream
• Sunglasses (Optional)
• Swimming Goggles (Optional)
• Old Sneakers / Neoprene Booties / River Sandals
• Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Bag for Camera and other devices
• Energy Bars / Energy Drinks
• Zip Lock Waterproof Baggies (to keep small things dry)
• Towel and Extra Undergarments
• Plastic Bags (for wet things such as shorts, bath suit, sneakers, undergarments etc)
• Wool Sweater
• Neoprene Wet suite & Booties/ Gloves
• Polypropylene Long underwear

•  Cotton Clothes are good for summers
•  Wetsuits and Booties are available on rent in Rishikesh; you can ask your rafting outfitter
•  This checklist doesn't mean to imply that you will be able to bring everything on the raft with you
•  If you are going on an overnight Camping and rafting trip or will include camping as a part of your Rafting trip, take a look at the Camping checklist also.

Camping Check list:
•  T-Shirts and Shorts for Trekking
•  Sunblock and Sun Burn Lotion
•  Sunglasses
•  Sport Shoes for Trekking Activities
•  Battery Torch or Flashlight
•  Spare Charged Batteries for your Cameras and Mobile Phones
•  Personal toiletries like towel, Deo Spray, soap, shampoo, body lotion, hair oil, comb etc
•  Personal first aid kit
•  Pen & Notepad
•  Bug Repellants
•  Cigarettes, Liquor, Ice Box etc (we do not serve any)
•  Other miscellaneous such as Chips, Namkeen, Cookies, Bakery Snacks etc.

Total 0 INR
0% Advance Payment Required


Located along the border of India and Nepal, the Mahakali River trip is an exciting river journey along scenic terraced-cultivation and quaint old Kumaoni villages. Coupled with the sparkling water and wonderful sandy beaches this trip promises you a wilderness journey of a lifetime. It is great for beginners to rafting and kayaking, as well as experienced adventurers as it has a few big rapids, like the ‘Chuka’, ‘Dimberghat’ and ‘The Creek’ rapids, to thrill you.

Key Info




Area: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
SEASON: Mid-September through December to April.
River Grade: 3, 3+ big volume
Meeting place: White World Expeditions 
River: Ganga & Alaknanda
Trip duration: 80 km

We Serve Office to Office Trips 

Min No of People = 6
Max No of People = 30
Cost on request
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Detail Itinerary
Day 0: Journey to Kathgodam.
Take the train to Kathgodam.

Day 1: Drive to Pithoragarh.
Drive to Pithoragarh gives you splendid views of the Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchuli mountain ranges. Drive through the towns and villages of Kumaon which provides a rich cultural background for the trip. Overnight at Pithoragarh hotel.

Day 2: Drive to starting point at Jauljibi
A two and a half hour drive from Pithoragarh brings us to the confluence of Gori Ganga and Kali rivers at Jauljibi, the starting point of the expedition. After a comprehensive talk on river safety as well as basic instructions, you are ready to experience the thrill of grade 3 rapids. We pitch camp late afternoon, followed by dinner around the campfire after an amazing day on the river. Overnight at camp.

Day 3: The second day on the Kali begins with a grade 2 rapid
Enjoy the white water as we raft or kayak through the ‘Squeeze’ at Juhlaghat. The river banks sport stalactite and stalagmite formations, reminding us of what we learnt in school. In the afternoon, we pitch camp by a waterfall and we can either choose to hike up to it or laze around the campfire, eat dinner and hit the sleeping bag. Camp overnight.

Day 4: Grade 2-3 rapids to reach Pancheshwar
Get ready for some more action on the grade 2-3 rapids to reach Pancheshwar, the confluence of Kali and Saryu. This is a great spot for fishing. Camp overnight.

Day 5: Move from Pancheshwar towards Sonali Gaon
Expect loads of thrills today as we move from Pancheshwar towards Sonali Gaon and encounter grade 3 rapids as the river picks up volume. The untouched beauty around is breathtaking and has us all wishing for the day not to end. Camp overnight.

Day 6: Kali’s biggest rapid, the ‘Chuka’, a grade 4+ rapid
The river run from Sonali Gaon to Pari Gaon takes us through Kali’s biggest rapid, the ‘Chuka’, a grade 4+ rapid. As the rapid has several channels we will scout around before running it. A few more grade 3 rapids before we reach camp across the river from Pari Gaon. There will be plenty to discuss and remember about the day when we sit around the camp fire tucking into a hot, delicious meal. Camp overnight.

Day 7: The last day on the river we start from Pari Gaon to reach the take out at Boom
The last day on the river we start from Pari Gaon to reach the take out at Boom. There is a distinct shift in the vegetation around as we enter the Terai region and you may find wild elephants sharing the river with you! After lunch load up and drive to Kathgodam to board the night train out of Kathgodam to Delhi.

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Road, Oposite Sai Ganga Cottage,
First Floor, Tapovan Pin: 249192,
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