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Season:All year around 
Area:  Rishikesh Garhwal
Cost: 1500 INR Per person
Include: Guide fee, forest fee

A Day hike to Kunjapuri 

The Day hike is specially design for the young generation. Who like to walk up and down in the Himalaya. Day hiking can be a safer and more enjoyable choice than an overnight trip into a difficult area that is beyond the capabilities of any single member of your group can join us. Bring mineral water bottle, day pack bag and camera and explore the Valley of the Ganga and trek to Kunjapuri temple.

Day Hiking Checklist

Our comprehensive checklist for day hikers can help you from forgetting anything important.

• Sun protection
• Sunscreen
• Lip balm
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle
• Daypack
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Trekking poles
• Insect repellent
• Toilet paper
• Hand sanitizer
• Cell phone
• Energy food (bars, gels, chews, trail mix)
• Energy beverages or drink mixes
• Lunch
• Post-hike snacks, water, towel, clothing change
• Wicking T-shirt
• Quick-drying pants or shorts
• Long-sleeve shirt (for bugs, sun)
• Hat, cap 
• Footwear



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