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We are based in Rishikesh which is foot hills of the Northern Himalaya & Nature is our office, it is where we live, work and play. Here at White World Expeditions we are dedicated to preserving our environment and responsible travel. We know it takes more than picking up rubbish from our campsite or rivers to call ourselves 'Responsible' but we do care everything we love to protect our India. We take care of our staff and protect the environment of the places we visit and take every opportunity to make a positive contribution where ever we can. We are aware that everything we do has an impact on India but we are trying our hardest to make sure that this is a positive impact and that all we take photographs we leave behind are footprints. Often we leave the place cleaner than we found it!

  • Respect for the people and respectful of local cultures
  • We hold a strict 'leave no trace policy' on and off the river and motivate other too make  clean environment
  • Small group size to minimize impact of our trips (max group size 12)
  • Before departing on trips we remove all unnecessary packaging from our beach camp or river supplies.
  • Take all rubbish from trips back to town to dispose of appropriately (we always do a sweep of the beaches we camp on to check nobody else has left anything behind)
  • Our toilet tents are erected far from the river or any other water source and dug deep enough. We burn toilet paper at the end of the day.
  • Everything that comes on the river with us gets brought back to our boat house in Rishikesh to dispose of properly
  • We will provide you Mineral drinking water whilst on our each trips
  • We recycle everything possible. Once we return from a river trip we give any cans or glass bottles to a local family who can sell them for a small profit.
  • Have a meeting before our long trips to talk to clients about what they really need to bring with them on the trips so that we do not leave anything behind.
  • We ask all our clients to dress modestly. When on the raft, shorts and t-shirts are fine, however when we go up into the villagers, your guide may ask you to cover up while you are walking along the villages or remote area
  • We ask clients to limit displays of public affection as this makes local Indian uncomfortable.
  • We also give them English lessons and first aid courses. (Yes, we do take on Westerner kayakers during the season, but these never replace Indian Guide job, these are in addition.)
  • We pay them a fair wage. The national standard for a Indian raft guides wage is, in our opinion, very low. Therefore we pay our guides a little more and we feel in return we get that much more from them including their loyalty. We have a very low staff turnover.
  • All our guides are  Certify in the white water and first aid kit
  • All our guides covered by our comprehensive insurance policy which we update annually.
  • We encourage them to work overseas in the ‘off season’. During the monsoon, there is very little work available, so we actively encourage our guides to work overseas. This keeps their skills up to date and they gain knowledge of international standards.
  • Volunteer and our time and effort in the organization of the Ganga Kayak Festival
  • Every time we go down to the GANGA river we collect all the rubbish left behind by others!



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