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White World Expeditions believe that we have created a truly unique adventure trip packages The company that offers programs that show you parts of the country traveled and impress you in the local culture. Our adventures provide you a perfect blend of physical activity combined with cultural and ecological awareness.

We are specializes in group Multi-sport Adventures trips. Every trip itinerary is different and combines a range of activities from Rafting, Mountain biking, Trekking, Beach camping, Kayaking trips, Day Hikes, Bicycle, Horse Riding,Rock Climbing, Jungle Safari,Caving Tours, Water Fall etc.

We have a Trip Rating system which is called level of difficulty discussed in detail elsewhere. It is clearly understood that people come in all fitness levels so we have graded our trips accordingly. There are four levels: Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Strenuous. In this manner there is something to suit the needs of all adventurers.

Each one of our journeys has been carefully designed to capture the very best of that particular destination. We travel at a comfortable pace, stay in a mix of tents, small hotels, guest houses that comes fully equipped with a welcoming family that is happy to see you and eager for everyone to sample their home cooking and their hospitality.

White World Expeditions team are highly educated in the field and they undersatnd all the traveller need or adventure trip in Rishikesh while they are rafting on the Ganga or Trekking in the Mountain  



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